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Distron is your one-stop shop in electronic contract manufacturing services. Distron builds quality into every product we manufacture, and we specialize in a wide array of services to meet your needs, including circuit board assembly, flex circuit assembly, and electromechanical assembly.

Distron customizes every program to meet every customer’s needs, and we utilize key vendor relationships to minimize cost and time, for maximum efficiency, quality, and turnaround. From customer-consigned material to full turnkey – wherein Distron procures, inspects, and kits the raw material – we ensure high quality at every step of the way, which is why we are approved to the following list of standards: surface mount assembly, Production Standard to IPC610A Class III, ISO 9001 Registered, UL registered, CSA approved, ROHS Compliant Program, and ITAR Certified. Our core competencies include surface mount assembly, manual and automated thru-hole assembly, cable and harness assembly, electromechanical assemblies, conformal coating, potting and encapsulation, and contract electronic manufacturing services quality systems.

To keep every process rolling smoothly, Distron employs a specialized Program Management staff: this means that all communications move through your PM, as your single point of contact, who can ask your questions, find your answers, deal with rescheduling, give you new product information, handle ECO implementation, make reports, and more. Distron also has experience, capability, and in-house engineering resources to meet any customer’s need in regard to DFM (design for manufacturability), DFT (design for test), software and hardware development, electronic manufacturing supply chain management, RoHS Bill of Material conversion, and value engineering. In addition, we offer services such as order fulfillment, depot repair, KanBan programs, and the management of all electrical and electromechanical components such as IC’s PCBs and sheet metal via our Manex ERP system. Distron has an integrated supply network with world class supplies, and offshore supply chain capabilities.

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ECM Case Study

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of ruggedized military power modules, needed to outsource their product in order to create floor space for a new product line. At the same time, they wanted to retain the manufacturing standards that allowed them to pass MIL-STD-810G testing.

Secondly, they needed to find a contract manufacturer that already employed exacting quality standards, cutting-edge equipment and capabilities, and world class supply-chain practices. The OEM turned to Distron.

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